Data Recovery Facility

Data Recovery FacilityMass Data Recovery Clean Room Facility

At Mass Data Recovery, we have an in house clean room Data Recovery Facility. Some recovery companies go out of their way to advertise their “Class 100” clean room. We have one too. The true test for cleanliness is to measure airborne particles when the room is in production. This is exactly what we do.

The equipment inside of our Data Recovery Facility is designed to generate minimal air contamination.  Our clean room furniture is easy to clean and produces few particles. Common materials such as paper, pencils, and fabrics made from natural fibers are eliminated from this environment.  However, clean rooms are not sterile (i.e., free of uncontrolled microbes); only airborne particles are controlled. Particle levels are tested using a particle counter.

We perform our recovery work in our own HEPA clean room workstations. Our Data Recovery Facility uses some of the finest proprietary hardware and software in the industry, as well as the basic stuff that most of our competition uses.

We are not middlemen. We are a full-service, professional data recovery company. There will be no uncertainty about where your drive is or by whom it is being worked on.

Questions about our Data Recovery and Pricing?

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